Pumps and Macerators

In the past twenty years Börger has developed worldwide leading products with representation on all five continents. Within a short period, Börger has managed to deliver the high expectation of "German Engineering”. Their focus on export to the global market is parallel to their direct attention to R&D and marketing. Today, Börger supplies Rotary Lobe Pumps to leading companies in all industries.


Patented Products

Börger is synonymous for Rotary Lobe Pumps. The simple and ingenious principle of a self-priming, valveless positive displacement pump has found its market in all industries. Sixteen pump models in six series with flow rates between 0.5 - 1200 m3/h (2.2 - 5,000 usgpm) build the base for individual pump application. The variety of components and materials of construction enables Börger to supply an optimized pump to each customer. Rotor shapes and/or tips, elastomer coatings, shaft seals, protection plates and casing materials of each pump are all chosen depending on the pumped fluid. The pump package can also include drives, couplings, base frames, flanges and duplex or triplex mounting. A variety of base frame configurations as well as individually designed mobile pump aggregates can be accomplished.

Other products manufactured by Börger include the Multicrusher - a twin shaft grinder that is based on the construction of the Rotary Lobe Pump. This efficient macerator with "pull-infunction" is a bestseller for the company along with the Multichopper - a machine for simple solids size reduction. With three cuts by the shear plate it ensures effective results especially with fluids containing fibres. All Börger innovations are patent and trademark protected worldwide


Expensive maintenance contracts, complicated repairs? - Not with Börger!

Downtime and maintenance cost time and money. Börger's pumping and macerating technology aims for trouble-free 24/7 operation. Their products are designed for ease of maintenance and repair on-site by your own staff. The MIP(Maintenance In Place) Design is a unique advantage - it allows the quick and convenient replacement of all fluid wetted parts without removal of pipes, drives or other components of the pump unit while guaranteeing low life cycle costs. Börger offers robust and unrivalled maintenance-friendly, high-quality, fluid-handling solutions.


One for all

Börger Rotary Lobe Pumps are operated in all major industries. The key to the industrywide presence is customized solutions. No Börger pump is like another. The modular design of the Börger pump enables an individual approach to each application. Their customer base includes worldwide known companies: General Motors, Daimler Chrysler and Volkswagon in the automotive industry; Shell and BP in the oil field; Clean solutions in Chicago, Atlanta, Hong Kong, London and Berlin Wastewater Treatment Plants; as well as in breweries to enable the good taste of the world's top brands. The energy efficient operation of Börger pumps improves the success of chemical companies BAYER and BASF since developing special shaft seal designs for hard-to-seal fluids. Leading companies like Akzo Nobel and Henkel count on Börger pumps to get the job done.


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