Anaerobic Thermal Hydrolysis Digestion (THP) Process

Cambi is a leading provider of technology that converts biodegradable material to renewable energy, with high quality in deliveries, competence and expertise.



Cambi will contribute to improve the world's ecological balance.

Cambi in brief

  • Environmental technology since 1989
  • Numerous international turn-key references
  • Meets today’s and future environmental requirements
  • Highly skilled and experienced individuals
  • Leading expertise within biogas production from biomass
  • Core technology within industrial pre-treatment and biological energy conversion
  • Turn-key supplier of processing plants with core technology and supplementary systems
  • Proprietary technologies - a number of patents and patent's pending
  • International network of companies, partners and representatives
  • Successful record from executing projects with a number of clients and partners

Cambi creates value from:

  • Municipal and industrial sludge
  • Bio-waste, including food waste and slaughterhouse residues
  • By-products and waste from processing industry and agriculture activities
  • Lignocellulosic feedstock
  • Distiller's wet grains, thin and whole stillage

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