Hydro International

Grit Management

Hydro International supplies environmentally sustainable products and innovative solutions that control and treat storm water, wastewater and combined sewer overflows. This is accomplished by using advanced vortex and complementary technologies. Hydro International is the industry leader in municipal grit removal and CSO/wet weather management products for wastewater treatment plants and collection systems.

Hydro International offers the following products in Canada:

Grit Removal – HeadCell® - Grit King® - SlurryCup™ - TeaCup® - Grit Snail®

Fine Screening / Clarification – Hydro MicroScreen™

Sludge Screening – Hydro-Sludge™ Screen

Wet Weather / CSO – Storm King® - Reg-U-Flo® - Hydro Vortex Drop Shaft ™ – Hydro-Jet® Screen – Hydro-Static® Screen – Heliscreen®


Grit Removal

Municipal wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) require significant investments in high performance treatment processes such as membrane bioreactors and digesters. To protect this equipment effective grit separation, washing, and dewatering is necessary to prevent abrasion, grit deposition, and equipment failure. Hydro International’s systems are designed to provide the highest level of grit removal efficiency with minimal maintenance, energy, and operational requirements.


Sludge Screening

The Hydro-Sludge™ Screen is an inline pressurized device that screens and dewaters sludge in one operation. The enclosed system reduces odour problems and has no wash water requirements. This horizontal in-line coarse material separator comprises an inlet screening zone and a pressing (compacting) zone. The coarse material retained on the stainless steel inner screen surface, is transported to the stainless steel pressing zone and onward to the outlet by an archimedean screw. Compacted coarse material (screenings) are discharged by the action of a regulating cone controlled by detection of increased torque on the drive motor, into a suitable container.


Wet Weather / CSO Overview

Wet weather events are one of the leading causes of water quality degradation nationwide. Wet weather runoff can hydraulically overload sewers and treatment facilities, causing overflow events known as combined sewer overflows (CSO's) or sanitary sewer overflows (SSO's). Hydro International is the leading expert in wet weather management, providing efficient and cost effective solutions to prevent, treat or abate wet weather overflows.


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