Monroe Environmental

Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment

Monroe Environmental specializes in the treatment of municipal water and wastewater through the use of widely accepted gravity settling technology. We offer a wide variety of process equipment that aids in the clarification of water and wastewater at several stages of their respective treatment processes.

  • Design and manufacture new clarifiers for new facilities or existing plants to increase daily flow capacity
  • Rebuild worn out clarifier internals for existing clarifier tanks
  • Retrofit existing circular clarifiers and rectangular settling tanks for enhanced separation and flow capacity
  • Enhance settling capacity, throughput, and sludge handling capabilities for sedimentation basins at water treatment plants with plate setllers and the Monroe Sludge Collector 
  • Stand-alone parallel plate clarifiers for solids removal, filter backwash clarification, leachate treatment, and many other suspended solids settling applications

Unlike many competitive suppliers, Monroe Environmental actually manufactures their own equipment in their own shop after they completely design your water or wastewater treatment equipment. Click on any of the links below to learn more about Monroe's design and production capabilities with each system.


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