Building a Legend Takes Time

Vaughan Company has a long history of innovation and quality. Jim Vaughan, the founder of Vaughan Company, invented the world's first chopper pump in 1960. Since then, over 40 worldwide patents have been issued or are pending. New design developments have almost exclusively centred on product improvements in efficiency and reliability in the most severe environments.

Improvements in the late 1970's included the development of a seal-and-bearing system for vertical wet well pumps to eliminate sleeve and grease packed bearings. In the 1980's, Vaughan developed the "LCC Series" of higher efficiency 3" through 6" chopper pumps. These designs were further refined with the "HP Series" and also expanded to include 8" through 12" pumps in the 1990's. The "E-Series" chopper pumps were introduced in early 2000, and included further improvements in efficiency, and the back pull-out design was introduced.

Stepping into the 21st century, Vaughan continues this pursuit of dependability using modern technology. In-house 3-dimensional computer solid modelling design allows Vaughan to create exacting fits and precision castings for all components. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis enables Vaughan to look closely at flow patterns and velocities within the pump and develop premium efficiency design upgrades. Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) automated machining creates exacting parts repetition and dependable fits with every pump.

Building a legend does take time. Dependably chopping and pumping heavy solids doesn't happen overnight. It takes years of product development and improvement, and years of proven field experience to earn the title of "Legend".


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