World Water WOrks

World Water Works is a manufacturer of specialized advanced water treatment solutions focused on performance, flexibility and longev­ity designed to yield clean water, recover energy and resource recovery.  World Water Works' innovative products are transforming wastewater treatment to water reuse and resource recovery facilities.


WWW is a leader in MBBR technology and has installed numerous wastewater treatment plants using MBBR technology. World Water Works specializes in the combination of Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor MBBR technology and Dissolved Air Flotation technology for advanced wastewater treatment.  


World Water Works (WWW) is a leader in DAF technology. Proprietary and Patent Pending features include:

  1. Cross Flow Design – Results in higher residence time and lower footprint 
  2. Progressive Water Extraction technology – Results in higher removals and lower footprint 
  3. Plate Separation technology - Provides higher surface area for solids removal 
  4. Regenerative Turbine System - Creates very fine bubbles of 5-15 microns resulting in high removal efficiency, lower power requirement and lower chemistry 
  5. Cone Bottom Sludge Removal – Provides easy sludge removal 
  6. Polypropylene Design – Provides resistant against corrosion


Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge

There are hundreds of IFAS installations worldwide. IFAS is used in treating municipal wastewaters and the industrial wastewaters including effluents from food and beverage plants, steel mills, oil refineries, petrochemicals, chemical plants, paper mills and any industries requiring wastewater treatment for BOD removal, nitrification and denitrification. IFAS is widely used for upgrading existing Activated Sludge plants designed for BOD removal only to nitrification and nitrogen removal.



DEamMONification involves two process steps - the partial nitritation of ammonia and the subsequent anaerobic oxidation of the residual ammonia and nitrite to nitrogen gas by Anammox bacteria. By reducing the amount of ammonia being converted to nitrite, Demon® technology reduces energy consumption by greater than 60%, eliminates the need for a carbon source or alkalinity addition and reduces sludge generation by >80%. This process is a greenhouse gas sequestrian and a truly sustainable improvement over the traditional ammonia removal processes.

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