Coarse Screening

  • MultiRake Bar Screen
  • Flo-MultiRake

FSM - MultiRake Bar Screen

The FSM MultiRake Bar screen is a heavy duty screen designed to handle large flow while removing a high solids load. Multiple cleaning rakes clean the bar rack fast.

Functional Principle

The waste water flows through bars made of stainless steel, while contaminants are held back. Solid matter is picked up directly at the bottom of the channel without the need for a bottom recess. The cleaning elements are fixed between two chains and are designed with teeth for the best cleaning of the screen. The screenings can be discharged into containers, wash compactors, screw conveyors, conveyor belts etc.

FeaturesFSM MultiRake

  • High reliability through robust construction - no need for upstream coarse screening

  • The Multi Rake Bar Screen allows the passage of grit without malfunctioning

  • Discharge of coarse matter through large rakes

  • Screen field optimally cleaned as a result of the teeth of the rakes

  • Screenings conveyed positively to the discharge point

  • Excellent cost/performance ratio

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Suitable for outdoor sites/operation in winter

  • Easily adapted to suit changed operating conditions

  • Machine completely hygienically encapsulated

SAVI - Flo-MultiRake

The advanced design of the Flo-MultiRake Coarse bar screen enables this screen to handle more gross solids, more efficiently while keeping mechanical complexity and maintenance to a minimum. The bar rack and perforated plate media are designed to expose more open area to the incoming flow to prevent sedimentation upstream of the screen and to reduce headloss. All designs are made of stainless steel and are engineered for durability, low maintenance and high performance.
The Flo-MultiRake Coarse Bar Screen has the strength to withstand wide channel installations and high flows with the structural integrity to prevent deflections or vibrations. With auto reverse and a torque sensing system, interruptions to the raking operation will not cause shock loading to the system.

Features and Benefits

  1. Two or more cleaning rakes - Faster, more efficient solids removal
  2. 75" angle of inclination - Exposes more screen surface to the incoming flow to capture and hold more solids
  3. Precision laser cut raking tines cut from a single stainless steel bar - High strength and stiffness for long weat and reliable operations
  4. Recessed guide channels for drive chains - Reduces chain exposure to debris
  5. Lower chain guide with no moving parts - No lower sprocket and bearings