Septage Receiving

SAVI - Flo-Beast

Screening septage or heavy sludge comes with a long list of problems. The two most commonly identified are the inability to handle the heavy solids, and long truck unloading times. These are the result of not having the proper equipment for the application.

The Beast is already a proven performer in septage receiving. Thanks to ongoing pilot testing at plants around the country, it has also proven its ability to screen FOG and primary sludge. The Beast has been engineered specifically for septage and heavy solids loading applications not requiring a rock trap or other high maintenance add-ons, such as grinders.

Unique Tank Design

Standard tank designs promote solids sedimentation. The Beast has a two-stage tank with a curved, sloped inlet section so septage is directed into the screen cylinder. The hopper trough extends beyond the cylinder opening which reduces screenings recycle. The drive configuration on the screen cylinder eliminates support arms and solves the ragging problem.

Dual Drive System

This feature enables the screen basket and auger to operate independently. The speed of the auger is increased to provide faster solids removal while the speed of the screen basket is decreased to improve screening efficiency.

Angle of Inclination

The drum screen component sits at a 25° angle inside the tank which promotes increased capture and transport of solids for faster unloading.

Sequence of Operation

As the pumped flow enters the tank, it is discharged directly into the rotating screen basket. As the screen rotates, solids are captured on flights or scoops that carry the solids around the basket and deposit them into the auger trough.

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