• Screw Wash Press
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FSM - Screw Wash Press

Waste disposal is a cost factor for every plant. The SSM Screw Wash Press (SWP) can reduce the volume and weight of screenings by 60-85% and achieve 40% dryness. The innovative washing function of the SPW achieves fecal reduction of 95% of fecal matter in the solids being discharged. The result is clean, dry screenings with practically no odour and vector attraction at the headworks.

Screening are discharged into the wash press hopper either directly from a screen or via conveyor. The shafted screw conveys the screening through the washing cycle and on the dewatering and compaction. Liquid released from the solids is discharged downstream for further processing. The plant's biological process needs the organics; landfill do not.

Screw Wash Press

SAVI - Flo-WashPress

The Flo-Wash-Press Shafted Washer Compactor incorporates screenings washing and dewatering in a single unit. The clean, dewatered screenings can be discharged directly to a dumpster or continuous bagger device for ease of handling ads disposal.

Mechanical complexity is kept to a minimum. With low maintenance, single auger design and efficient drive system, this unit significantly reduces maintenance requirements and downtime.