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WasteWater OverviewDisinfection

The use of Ultraviolet as an alternative to chemicals for wastewater disinfection has been widely accepted for 25 years. Today, over twenty percent of the wastewater treatment plants in North America have chosen UV disinfection over traditional chemicals due to safety concerns, cost benefits and ease of use. UV is a proven environmentally friendly and trusted technology that can offer chemical free disinfection with no by products. Through the use of UV, effluent discharges will not need to be “de-chlorinated” with no impact on the dissolved oxygen content of the receiving body of water.

Wastewater discharged upstream from one city becomes another city’s water supply collected downstream. Therefore it is critical to remove all pathogens and by products that may be missed by chemicals through the use of a reliable disinfectant such as UV.

Aquionics has over 300 municipal wastewater installations in North America treating a wide variety of applications such as: lagoons, oxidation ditches, trickling filters SBRs, disk filters, and MBRs. With such a wide range of experience and a experienced sales staff, Aquionics can present the right equipment over a wide range of flows and water quality parameters.

Being the leader in closed vessel medium pressure technologies for wastewater applications for the last 15 years with the InLine+W ultraviolet product, Aquionics can offer their customers confidence and reassurance. Along with our closed vessel medium pressure technology, Aquionics can offer a complete product range including an open channel OpenLine, and closed vessel low pressure unit for wastewater applications.Disinfection


The InLine+W™ series features twenty models available in various sizes from a single UV lamp with a three inch flange connection to an eighteen UV lamp with a thirty inch flange connection. The product series utilizes medium pressure lamps allowing for a small footprint compact design. The InLine+W™ can treat wastewater up to a wide range of flow rates and a wide range of UVT values from 15% to 75%.

The InLine+W™ series is provided standard with an automatic electric driven mechanical cleaning to ensure sleeves and sensor windows remain deposit free.  The product is also available with chemical assisted cleaning option (Ultrawipe™) to remove any deposits due to water with high iron or manganese content.


The OpenLine™ series is a stainless steel open channel packaged product that expands Aquionics expertise into low flow applications for the wastewater market. The product range consists of seven units that utilize an amalgam low pressure high output lamp. Single channel flows up to 700 gpm are available with higher flows accommodated through the use of multiple units.

The advantages OpenLine™ provides are automatic pneumatic cleaning, and easy installation with standard flanged connections to process piping eliminating concrete channel work.


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Aqua ElectrOzone®

Ozone treatment for water and wastewater has been utilized successfully for several decades and continues to be a viable disinfection solution for both municipal and industrial plants, worldwide.

Aqua-Aerobic Systems is pleased to partner with Metawater, Co., Ltd., a leading ozone provider and developer of MicroGap™ glass-lined dielectric core technology with more than 800 installed systems, worldwide. This partnership allows Aqua-Aerobic to build on the company’s expertise and experience in ozone treatment while providing our customers with another quality product solution, the Aqua ElectrOzone® Generation System.